2/3/2012: Kendra Grant Malone, Brett Price, and Matthew Savoca

Hey Y'all,

This Friday come out to hear Kendra Grant Malone, Brett Price, and Matthew Savoca read to you, and Dottie Lasky tell you some jokes.

See you soon!

--Thom Donovan


The Multifarious Array is a semi-monthly reading series featuring the very best poets at the very best place (Pete's Candy Store).

Pete's Candy Store is located at 709 Lorimer in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Take the G to the Metropolitan stop or the L to the Lorimer stop. (Map: http://www.petescandystore.com/petes_map.html)

Visit us online here: http://www.petescandystore.com/multifarious_array/multifarious_array.html
Also, visit us here: http://multifariousarray.blogspot.com/


Kendra Grant Malone's first book of poetry Everything Is Quiet is available from Scrambler Books and her second collection of poetry, co-written with Matthew Savoca is available from Dark Sky Books.

Matthew Savoca was born in 1982 in Pennsylvania. He is the author of long love poem with descriptive title (2010, Scrambler Books) and Morocco with Kendra Grant Malone (2011, Dark Sky Books). He lives in New York and Philadelphia, where he builds and fixes things for money.

Brett Price lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY. He currently serves as the Friday Late Night Series Coordinator at the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church. Recent work has been published or is forthcoming in LUNGFULL!, H_NGM_N, Brawling Pigeon, Bright Pink Mosquito, Sink Review, and Well Greased.

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