2/17: Timothy Donnelly, Anselm Berrigan, Camille Roy

Hey folks,

I know I know. Upon this week happens Valentine's Day. But who cares for that except chocolate and bears?

This Friday there will be a very very amazing reading at Pete's Candy Store. Save your hearts. You will lose them on Friday!

This Friday, come 7 p.m., we will have at Pete's Candy Store: Timothy Donnelly, Anselm Berrigan, and Camille Roy!!

(Do you realize how good this is going to be? Better than a dried out rose any day. After all, with these readers, your roses might become alive again! These readers read poems that are LIVE ROSES!!! Come on! Come see the LIVE ROSES!)

Bios and pics below.

Get your Facebook invite on here: http://www.facebook.com/events/153952408055581/ (No, those are not "glowing" balloons. They are "water" balloons.)

I know I will see you there.

See you there,
Dorothea Lasky

The Multifarious Array is a semi-monthly reading series featuring the very best poets at the very best place (Pete's Candy Store).

Pete's Candy Store is located at 709 Lorimer in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Take the G to the Metropolitan stop or the L to the Lorimer stop. (Map: http://www.petescandystore.com/petes_map.html)

Visit us online here: http://www.petescandystore.com/multifarious_array/multifarious_array.html
Also, visit us here: http://multifariousarray.blogspot.com/

Timothy Donnelly is the author of Twenty-seven Props for a Production of Eine Lebenszeit and The Cloud Corporation, winner of the 2012 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award. His poems have been widely anthologized and translated and have appeared in such periodicals as A Public Space, Fence, Harper’s, The Iowa Review, jubilat, Lana Turner, The Nation, The New Republic, The Paris Review, and elsewhere. This spring he is the Theodore H. Holmes ’51 and Bernice Holmes Visiting Associate Professor at Princeton University’s Program in Creative Writing and Lewis Center for the Arts. He has been poetry editor of Boston Review since 1996 and is on the permanent faculty of the Writing Program at Columbia University’s School of the Arts. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two daughters.

Camille Roy is a writer and performer of fiction, poetry, and plays. Her book, Sherwood Forest came out in 2011 from Futurepoem. She co-edited Biting The Error: Writers Explore Narrative, a book of essays by writers on their own experimental practices (CoachHouse). Her books include Cheap Speech, a play, from Leroy, and Craquer, a fictional autobiography from 2nd Story Books , as well as Swarm (two novellas, Black Star Series). Earlier books include The Rosy Medallions (poetry and prose, from Kelsey St Press) and Cold Heaven (plays, from Leslie Scalapino's O Books).

Anselm Berrigan is a poet. An unreconstructed, unreframed, unabashed poet, with all other activities being incidental to the particular choice of being a poet who happens to be a person who writes poems. He is finishing a short manuscript to be published with a short manuscript by John Coletti in a single edition under the title Skasers by Flowers and Cream press sometime in the not too distant future, and would like to stop tinkering with this longish poem in continuous estranged sentences called Primitive State.

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