Spring 2011 schedule

Check out what we have in store for you this Spring! Readers start at 7 p.m. sharp on the dates listed.

1/28-Special night for Travis Nichols’ new book See Me Improving (Copper Canyon Press, 2011). Readers and performers will include: Travis Nichols, Steve Zultanski, Lauren Ireland, Jason Daniel Schwartz, Dugward Penelope, and Leigh Stein.

2/4-Debrah Morkun, Erica Kaufman, Jamie Townsend, and Matt Walker

2/11-Paige Taggart, Christie Ann Reynolds, and Ish Klein

2/18-Book release party for Anthony McCann's I Heart Your Fate and Matthew Rohrer's Destroyer and Preserver, both just out from Wave Books.

3/4-Jared White, Brian Foley, Chris Hosea, and C.S. Carrier

3/18-Maryrose Larkin, Jennifer Bartlett, and Anne Gorrick

3/25-(Special start time 6 p.m.) Lonely Christopher, David Buuck, Astrid Lorange, and Steve Orth

4/1-Rob Halpern, Julia Bloch, and Paul Foster Johnson

4/15-Eric Baus, Andrea Rexilius, and Natalie Lyalin

4/22-Joshua Beckman, Caroline Knox, and David Shapiro

4/29-Deborah Landau, Mark Bibbins, and Dara Wier

5/13-Meg Barboza, Michelle Taransky, and Sarah Shapiro

5/27-Cara Benson, Sarah Dowling, Viraj Kamdar, and Mark Horosky

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