Tim Peterson, Adam Tobin, David Carillo & Kate Broad

This Friday, November 7th, 7 pm

Tim Peterson lives in Brooklyn and writes poetry, all the while seeking out other complexly gendered individuals for companionship and connection, hungry for articulations of reading and being read as voiced experiences hunting you like a bluejay. SINCE I MOVED IN (Gil Ott Award, Chax Press) was published in 2007. Tim edits EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts. Here, two poems, in 2nd Avenue.

Adam Tobin owns and operates Unnameable Books, a new and used bookstore in central Brooklyn. He is author of Ode to Pumpsie Green & Stretch Phillips (horse less press, 2005, here's an excerpt) and editor of The Weekly Weakling (forthcoming), a series of occasional letterpress pamphlets. You may have seen his older work in EOAGH or Fence or other publications, but he hasn't really written much since he opened the bookstore. He promises, however, to read at this reading at least one poem you've never seen before.

David Carillo lives in West Hartford with his wife and dog. He is working on his MFA in Creative Nonfiction at the University of Pittsburgh and teaches English at the University of Connecticut at Waterbury. He has poems forthcoming in nanomajority.com. Here's his Ultimate Frisbee record.

Kate Broad has lived in India and Brazil and currently resides in Brooklyn, where she is a doctoral student in English at the City University of New York Graduate Center. She has poems in Freshwater, The Wellesley Review, and forthcoming in Karamu, and has won several writing awards, including one from the Academy of American Poets. Kate is working on her first full-length manuscript, Hard to Swallow. Here is another poem.

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