9/13: Ian Dreiblatt, Katie Fowley, Anna Gurton-Wachter

Ian Dreiblatt is a poet & the translator of, most recently, Nikolai Leskov's The Enchanted Wanderer.  Work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Agriculture Reader, Web Conjunctions, Sink Review, Lungfull!, Harp & Altar, and some other places.  He's currently working on a manifesto of publishing as communitarian militancy, and he lives with Anna at the top of Brooklyn.

Katie Fowley is a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Her poetry and reviews have been published in No Dear, Rain Taxi, and 6x6. She lives in Brooklyn and is an editor of Lightful Press.

Anna Gurton-Wachter is a poet and filmmaker who lives in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. She is interested in oral histories, hypnosis, memory, science fiction, film history, dance, tentacles, and islands of language. She is pursuing masters degrees in library science and history while working at the Fales Special Collections at NYU. Her poems are made out of converging found words and sentence fragments. 


The Multifarious Array is a semi-monthly reading series featuring the very best poets at the very best place (Pete's Candy Store). Readings start at 7PM.

Pete's Candy Store is located at 709 Lorimer in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Take the G to the Metropolitan stop or the L to the Lorimer stop. (Map: http://www.petescandystore.com/petes_map.html)

Visit us online here: http://www.petescandystore.com/multifarious_array/multifarious_array.html
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