5/11-Eric Baus, Cynthia Sailers, Stacy Szymaszek


Please join the Multifarious Array this Friday at 7 p.m. at Pete's Candy Store for readings by Eric Baus, Cynthia Sailers, and Stacy Szymaszek.

Bios and pics below. Invite your facebook friends here.

See you there, Dorothea Lasky

The Multifarious Array is a semi-monthly reading series featuring the very best poets at the very best place (Pete's Candy Store).

 Pete's Candy Store is located at 709 Lorimer in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Take the G to the Metropolitan stop or the L to the Lorimer stop. (Map: http://www.petescandystore.com/petes_map.html)

Visit us online here: http://www.petescandystore.com/multifarious_array/multifarious_array.html.
Also, visit us here: http://multifariousarray.blogspot.com/


Cynthia Sailers is a psychologist in private practice in San Francisco. Author of Lake Systems (Tougher Disguises, 2004) and a recently published chapbook of poems Lady of Leisure of Leisure (Cypress, 2011). Her current writing projects include the history of the clinic, perversion, and group psychology. She leads a work group in psychoanalysis and film and curates a film program for the Lacan School of Psychoanalysis.

  Stacy Szymaszek is a poet, editor and arts administrator. She is the author of the books Emptied of All Ships (2005) and Hyperglossia (2009), both published by Litmus Press, as well as numerous chapbooks, including Pasolini Poems (Cy Press, 2005), Orizaba: A Voyage with Hart Crane (Faux Press, 2008), Stacy S.: Autoportraits (OMG, 2008), from Hart Island (Albion Books, 2009) and austerity measures (Fewer & Further Press, 2012). Lisa Jarnot says of her work: ”Her writing peeks into that world of desire with a fierce determination—desire for the beauty of language, desire for gnosis, desire for the emancipation of the human form from the less-than-perfect sociopolitical world.” She is the Artistic Director of the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, where she also curates their hallmark Wednesday Night Reading Series.

Eric Baus is the author of the books Scared Text, Tuned Droves, and The To Sound. With Andrea Rexilius, he co-edits Marcel Chapbooks and lives in Denver.

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