Aaron Rivero-Zaritsky, Ravi Shankar & Laura Sims

This Friday, October 10, 7pm

Aaron Rivero-Zaritzky's translation of Felipe Benitez Reyes' book Probable Lives (winner of the National Book Award and National Critics' award in Spain) was published in 2006 by BOA Editions as part of the Lannan Series. Nobel prize finalist Miguel Mendez, the Kennedy Center, and others have commissioned Rivero-Zaritzky to translate literary work. His co-translations of Jose Saavedra Iguina's albums, Versosreversos and Vercadaver, appear with the CDs. He currently lives in Macon, Georgia with his wife Yosalida, their beautiful daughter Sofia, and the non-gender phenomenon Orquidea Vazquez, recipient of the Barneman Prize for fructose intolerance.

Ravi Shankar teaches at Central Connecticut State University. He is the author of Instrumentality (Cherry Grove Collections), Wanton Textiles (with Reb Livingston) and co-editor of Language for the New Century (Norton), an anthology of contemporary poetry from the Middle East, Asia and beyond. Here he is and here he is.

Laura Sims is a recent re-transplant to New York City. She is the author of two poetry books, Practice, Restraint, recipient of the 2005 Fence Books Alberta Prize and Stranger, forthcoming from Fence Books in 2009. She has also published four poetry chapbooks, including Bank Book (Answer Tag Press) and Paperback Book (3rd Bed). She has written book reviews and essays for Boston Review, Rain Taxi, and The Review of Contemporary Fiction, and has recently published poems in the journals Denver Quarterly, Colorado Review, CAB/NET, and Crayon. Here she is too, and here.

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